Photography by Evan Zimmerman

Photography by Evan Zimmerman

Little Red CRUSH: 

The following is a coming of age story. A little girl who is obsessed with her toy balloon. She falls in love only to be saddened when it is stripped away. She must learn how to cope with her anger as she grows up and moves on...  

Luisa has choreographed and performed her work at several theaters/venues such as:

The Actors Fund Arts Center- SPARK Dance Forum & Brooklyn Ballet's First Look

Open Performance, Eden's Expressway- Movement Research

Muriel Schulman Theater (Triskelion Arts)- WAXworks (Williamsburg Art neXus)

Sunnvale Bar- The Creators Collective (FUSE)


Losing a good thing:

This piece is about a woman who cannot zipper up her own dress. As she becomes flustered with the situation she dances out her anxiety- trying several ways to get her dress on. When she finally does she sits and waits by the phone for her "date" to call. This creates another battle in her head as she again is caught with anxious feelings.

Photography by Andrew Ribner

My High Desire:

A comedic duet with a heavy focus on women's mannerisms and femininity. A pair of high heel shoes introduces the different emotions and characteristics between two women. As they argue and fight each other over these silly objects, they are left only to realize the frustrations within themselves.